Saturday, April 10, 2010

Masters of Their Domain

...ehh...not quite...

The Metsies fell to 2-3 after today's loss to the Nationals. Tyler Clippard struck out SEVEN out of the TEN Mets batters he faced. Jose Reyes was on second and Jason Bay...he, um swung and missed. In the bottom of the ninth inning. Where a base hit would have tied the game.

The Mets are, as I say, Masters of their Domain. If losing was an art form, the Mets would be the best at it. For almost 50 years, the Mets have found a plethora of new ways to lose. Whether they go 40-120, watch strike 3 go by in the NLCS, or monumentally choke, the Mets' losses are just as memorable as their wins, if not more memorable.

Even though we are five games into the season, I am already disappointed in this team. I mean, nobody is expecting them to be perfect, but playing the Nationals is a must win and should win situation. Johan Santana is pitching in the rubber game tomorrow. I want to see them find a way to lose here. In fact, I would LOVE to see them lose tomorrow. Then, they really be Masters of their Domain, if I may rip the phrase from Mr. Seinfeld.