Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Think We'd At Least Do Better Than the Nationals

This week, Sports Illustrated will release their annual MLB preview. A lot of things that the preview says are probably fair and accurate. The Phillies will win the NL East. I will hate it, but it will probably happen. The NL Wild Card team will probably need to win 90 games. The Wild Card team has won 90 games in each of the past four seasons, so that's a fair assumption.

But if Sports Illustrated really expects me to believe that the Nationals will finish with a better record than the Mets, then they have another thing coming. Granted, it's one game between 4th place and the cellar, but there is no way, unless the whole team gets hurt again (God forbid) that the Mets will finish in last place.

The Mets have been playing scrappy all spring. They don't go down without a fight like they used to. Sure, the Mets may have lost the two games that I went to, but at least they made it interesting. They're hitting the ball, they're pitching. Jose Reyes is stealing bases like he used to. David Wright is finally stepping up to be a team leader.

Will the Mets win 90 games? No. Will they break .500? Probably. And I'd like to think of them as that spoiler team in September. But apparantly, Sports Illustrated has already counted this team out. Not me!

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.80

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Mets Will Contend (If I Have Any Say)

I went to my first spring training game in March of 2006. My dad says, "Go see if you can get any autographs." After two hours of waiting, I come up with the cu de gra, David Wright in what I call a miracle accident. In 2007, I decide to try again. Hey, I got it once, how hard can it be to get David Wright to sign another baseball? Actually, pretty hard.

Which takes us to March 16, 2011: Vindication Day. I got to Hammond Stadium bright and early because I knew David had gotten on the bus. I patiently waited as David took batting practice and fielding practice. When he came back, he stopped to sign a couple of autographs. One of those autographs is the baseball to your left. Vindication four years coming.

For those who have maybe stumbled upon this blog, long story short: for every year I did not acquire a David Wright autograph, the Mets have re-defined the terms "collaspe," "choke artists," and "suckage." Casey Stengel, I'm sure, is rolling over in his grave. However, my "miracle accident" year, 2006, was the year the Mets made it all the way to the NLCS.

This year, by scoring the cu de gra of current Met autographs, I am hoping that this team's luck turns around. We've already eliminated what was left of our negative past by releasing Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez. We have a new front office, new management, and even though they lost both the spring games I went to last week, they made it interesting until the very end.

Our pitching is still our strength, even with questions about a lefty specialist and Jason Isringhausen's elbow. Chris Young, in my opinion, is returning to the ace that he was in San Diego. Jon Niese continues to confound batters with his offspeed pitch.

My concerns lie within the offense. Both Jason Bay and Jose Reyes need to have good years. I don't worry about Angel Pagan or Wright; they just need to stay healthy. This year, we even have reliable options on our bench, including Scott Hairston, and everybody's favorite Murphy, Daniel.

The Mets have all the pieces to contend this year. They just need to get out there, play their hardest, and hopefully, hopefully, my autograph superstion holds true.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.60

Mets Release Oliver Perez

The Mets have released Oliver Perez, and for the second time in three days, Mets fans have rejoiced.

According to Sandy Alderson, the organization felt that Ollie's velocity never got back up to a level where he could be a consistent pitcher.

I feel that the Mets gave Perez every chance to make this team. It's just that you're trying to make the team as a lefty specialist...you..um...need to be able to throw lefties out.

By releasing Perez, the Mets have eaten away $18 million. Best $18 million the organization has spent.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.60

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mets Release Luis Castillo

The Mets have finally cut ties with much-maligned second baseman Luis Castillo, eating away $6 million of Castillo's contract.

According to GM Sandy Alderson, the team made the recommendation to Jeff Wilpon, and Wilpon approved. This was a "baseball decision," according to Alderson.

Castillo has already left the Mets complex in Port St. Lucie.

Luis Castillo seemed like such a godsend when he arrived from Minnesota in 2007. A solid option at second base, nothing we have seen since the days of Fonzie and Rey-Rey. In the end, Castillo became the player that symbolized the Omar Minaya overpay/underperform era. In the end, Castillo made Mets fans experience victory and defeat in about 10 seconds.

Second base is as much as an offensive position as it is a defensive position. And Castillo hasn't hit a home run since like 2009. It wouldn't be so bad if he was at least getting on base, but he wasn't really doing that either.

Finally, the time has come to say, au revoir, Luis. Maybe the Phillies can use you.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.60

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mission Accomplished

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.60

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Mets Would Lose Both Split Squad Games

The Mets not only lost to the Astros today, but they lost to the Nationals as well.

The least you should know is that Oliver Perez allowed 3 runs over 3 innings. The Mets staff made the trip up to Kissimmee to watch Ollie pitch. Even though Perez rebounded after the first inning, I have a feeling he blew his shot. Tomorrow, there will be a meeting between Dan Warthen, Sandy Alderson, and Terry Collins regarding Ollie's future on the team.

Also, David Wright failed to get a hit, lowering his batting average to .000.

And in news of the unsurprising, Carlos Beltran has been shut down for 5 days with tendinitis. Which means, he's less than 80-85%, according to the calculations.

Tomorrow, the Mets play the Astros with Chris Young getting the start. K-Rod is also scheduled to pitch.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.30

Monday, March 7, 2011

David Wright Hasn't Hit the Ball Yet

I'm dead serious. David Wright is hitting a .000 this spring. Even though I know it's spring and it's not supposed to count....Luis Castillo is hitting the ball better than David this spring. And I've never been one to speak highly of Luis Castillo.

For a while, David wasn't striking out, so I couldn't update the counter, so I was pretty darn surprised when I checked their spring stats, cliked on "strikeouts," and David had one. So, I have no idea when David's first K of the spring occured; I do know I missed it.

But other than counting swings and misses, I do have some thoughts, and as always, they are in the form of a random list (YAY!):

~I officially have tickets for the Twins game on 3/16 and the Red Sox game on 3/17. Green beer? Ehhhh.....still thinking about it.
~Jason Bay can actually hit the ball...go figure.
~Carlos Beltran can run.
~I still hate Oliver Perez.
~Why do we still lose to the Nationals?
~Where the hell did Jason Isringhausen come from? Oh, right....us.
~Quote of the spring: "This baseball thing is really getting in the way of my bowling career." -David Allen Wright
~The more and more I see from the team, the more and more I like Terry Collins.
~Can the Wilpons just sell the team to Donald Trump and get it over with already? Kthanxbye.
~I NEED to get David Wright's autograph this spring. Seriously. I've been upset about not getting that autograph for 4 years too long. Vengeance is mine.
~And btw, I still hate Jose Reyes's dreadlocks.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.10