Monday, March 7, 2011

David Wright Hasn't Hit the Ball Yet

I'm dead serious. David Wright is hitting a .000 this spring. Even though I know it's spring and it's not supposed to count....Luis Castillo is hitting the ball better than David this spring. And I've never been one to speak highly of Luis Castillo.

For a while, David wasn't striking out, so I couldn't update the counter, so I was pretty darn surprised when I checked their spring stats, cliked on "strikeouts," and David had one. So, I have no idea when David's first K of the spring occured; I do know I missed it.

But other than counting swings and misses, I do have some thoughts, and as always, they are in the form of a random list (YAY!):

~I officially have tickets for the Twins game on 3/16 and the Red Sox game on 3/17. Green beer? Ehhhh.....still thinking about it.
~Jason Bay can actually hit the ball...go figure.
~Carlos Beltran can run.
~I still hate Oliver Perez.
~Why do we still lose to the Nationals?
~Where the hell did Jason Isringhausen come from? Oh,
~Quote of the spring: "This baseball thing is really getting in the way of my bowling career." -David Allen Wright
~The more and more I see from the team, the more and more I like Terry Collins.
~Can the Wilpons just sell the team to Donald Trump and get it over with already? Kthanxbye.
~I NEED to get David Wright's autograph this spring. Seriously. I've been upset about not getting that autograph for 4 years too long. Vengeance is mine.
~And btw, I still hate Jose Reyes's dreadlocks.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.10

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