Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Mets Would Lose Both Split Squad Games

The Mets not only lost to the Astros today, but they lost to the Nationals as well.

The least you should know is that Oliver Perez allowed 3 runs over 3 innings. The Mets staff made the trip up to Kissimmee to watch Ollie pitch. Even though Perez rebounded after the first inning, I have a feeling he blew his shot. Tomorrow, there will be a meeting between Dan Warthen, Sandy Alderson, and Terry Collins regarding Ollie's future on the team.

Also, David Wright failed to get a hit, lowering his batting average to .000.

And in news of the unsurprising, Carlos Beltran has been shut down for 5 days with tendinitis. Which means, he's less than 80-85%, according to the calculations.

Tomorrow, the Mets play the Astros with Chris Young getting the start. K-Rod is also scheduled to pitch.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.30

1 comment:

  1. Ollie, Carlos, David ..... oh my!
    Ollie needs to be deported. Truthfully, I did not want to see Carlos back last year. I didn't miss him with Angel playing the way he was. David had better start hitting!
    Phil Groh