Friday, March 18, 2011

Mets Release Luis Castillo

The Mets have finally cut ties with much-maligned second baseman Luis Castillo, eating away $6 million of Castillo's contract.

According to GM Sandy Alderson, the team made the recommendation to Jeff Wilpon, and Wilpon approved. This was a "baseball decision," according to Alderson.

Castillo has already left the Mets complex in Port St. Lucie.

Luis Castillo seemed like such a godsend when he arrived from Minnesota in 2007. A solid option at second base, nothing we have seen since the days of Fonzie and Rey-Rey. In the end, Castillo became the player that symbolized the Omar Minaya overpay/underperform era. In the end, Castillo made Mets fans experience victory and defeat in about 10 seconds.

Second base is as much as an offensive position as it is a defensive position. And Castillo hasn't hit a home run since like 2009. It wouldn't be so bad if he was at least getting on base, but he wasn't really doing that either.

Finally, the time has come to say, au revoir, Luis. Maybe the Phillies can use you.

David Wright (Spring) Strikeout Counter: $0.60

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