Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Post About Nothing

Springtime is here. Birds are chirping. It's finally stopped snowing up north. Daytime temperatures are back to 80 degrees in Florida. But more importantly....the Mets are back in town. The cast of characters is in place. I get more and more excited about Opening Day every time I see pictures from camp.
This post isn't to disparage one (or two) players. I'm enjoying spring and so should you. So here goes nothing:
*R.A. Dickey rides his bike 12 miles to camp every morning. Sometimes he rides home. Sometimes his wife picks him up. Knuckleballers are weird.
*David Wright can't just be the best player. He also has to be the best bowler.
*If Luis Castillo had family issues, why didn't he call Terry Collins and say he had family issues?
*I defended Oliver Perez on Facebook recently. Pigs aren't flying yet, so I guess it's not the end of the world.
*I really like that Terry Collins is getting in there and really helping all of his players. He's everywhere, which is what a manager should be. Maybe I can forgive him for reminding of the high-talker from Seinfeld.
*I was really happy that Mookie got hired as the first base coach (again). Maybe Jose Reyes will steal more bases.
*Speaking of Reyes, I hate his dreadlocks.
*Carlos Beltran will DH until at least March 10. Ummm.....this would be the time to get him adjusted to right field.
*If Brad Eamus wins the second base job, I will still forget his name.
*Hi, Nick Evans!
*I really hope Daniel Murphy gets the second base job. It would be a homegrown infield with Davis, Reyes, Wright....and even Thole!
*More Mets players need to get on Twitter...namely David Wright.
*Although following Fake Fred Wilpon is funny.
*Luis Castillo still gets spooked by the A-Rod popup. Disgust trumps fear. At least if he was disgusted, he would catch the ball more.
And perhaps the most important thing this spring....somewhere, whether it be in sunny Florida or sunny Arizona....Rick Peterson is wearing a jacket.

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