Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey, we're doing something right!

I'm a Public Relations student at school and have been steadily watching the Mets handle this GM search and seeing how this all relates to what I'm learning.

Most recently, we've learned about crisis managment and what a company or an organization should do if a situation such as a crappy team should arise. I must say, bravo to the Mets PR department in handling this situation.

They are putting the fans first by acknowledging that we are disappointed (and some of us are downright pissed off, namely me) and then by saying that fans have actually reached out to the organization to give their suggestions. Next, maybe they can lower ticket prices but for right now, handling this GM search is the main priority.

They took responsibility by saying the organization and the ownership is at fault. Whether or not we actually believe this is up to us. Lets face it, 9 out of 10 of us probably didn't believe it, because Jerry and Omar would have been replaced at say, the end of July instead of October 4.

Most importantly, they are being honest. Those of us (which is probably all of us) who suscribe to the Flushing Flash can get updates on the GM search. And if not, you can follow the team on Facebook and Twitter. I wish I can get paid to update the Mets Twitter page. I would fix that up.

So, on the PR front, I guess if you're going by my textbook, the Mets are doing everything right. Or at least Jay Horwitz is.

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