Monday, May 16, 2011

There's Something Wrong with David Wright

I was all ready to write a nice, happy, optimistic post because the Mets are not in last place anymore, if only by proper grammer.

But then I checked Facebook. And I found out about David. And his lower back stress fracture. And how he's getting a second opinion on his back before he makes a decision about the DL. Yeah, it happened on that tag to Carlos Lee last month.

And now it makes sense. The .226 batting average. A David Wright Srikeout Counter that desperately needs to be updated. And at least now I'll forgive him for colliding with Ike Davis because for the longest time, I was mad that it was Ike who was on the DL and not David (but mainly because Ike was actually hitting the ball).

I'd like to believe that David won't go on the DL but this is the Mets we're talking about. Of course he's going on the DL. I saw the story on SportsCenter about the squirrel in the Padres bullpen and was surprised it didn't happen to the Mets, only because it seems like something that would happen to the Mets.

But anyway, I really honestly hope David's lower back is the reason behind his slump. But for all the haters out there, he hit the game-winning home run while playing hurt. That's truth.

My other hope out of all this is that they finally call Buffalo and ask them to find Nick Evans. Really this time....not just showing us a Buffalo Bisons game on MLB Network to let us know he's still there.
David Wright Srtikeout Counter: $4.30

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