Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mets are In Last Place: Should we Worry?

With last night's loss to the Astros, the Mets are officially the worst team in the National League. The Mets fell to 5-12 for the season, and they have become an early punching bag for everybody from the Nationals to the Phillies.

So...should we be worried?

The optimistic Mets fan says no; it's only April, there's still 145 games left to play. The pessimistic Mets fan (and the Mets front office) says yes; it's a rebuilding year, lets look to 2012. The angry Mets fan says sell the team!!!

With the Mets still trying to figure out what happened between a promising spring and a less-than-promising regular season, with fans looking to point fingers at somebody, and with fans wishing they had more fingers with which to point with, I say it's not over yet.

Johan Santana continues to improve and you can follow his progress on Twitter. It's verified. I promise.

We're going to get Chris Young back eventually.

But I think we should call up Matt Harvey and get it over with.

Jason Bay is coming back on Thursday and he hit two home runs in a rehab game yesterday. Granted, it was the Ft. Myers Miracle, but Jason had been doing well in spring training before landing on the DL.

Now that we know Bobby Parnell's middle finger is hurting him, we can proper fix the problem.

Jose Reyes and Ike Davis are seeing the ball well in this young season.

David Wright has taken a more vocal leadership role within the clubhouse. We should just put a "C" on his jersey. Kthanxbye.

I still want to believe the Mets are going to turn things around. It's too early to give up on them even though I see why most fans have. We can only go up from here.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $2.00

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