Monday, April 4, 2011

Series Preview: Mets @ Phillies

The Mets travel to Philadelphia to take on the Phillies in a 3-game set that may be the Mets' biggest test in their young season.

The Mets (2-1) are coming off a road win against the Marlins while the Phillies (3-0) just swept the Astros.

I really hate that the games in April are primarily against division rivals. I have issues right now with whoever schedules these baseball games because I always hate playing the Phillies right off the bat.

However, the good news is that the Mets will face the back end of the Phillies' rotation, so no Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt for us. We do face Roy Halladay...I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that the guy messes up somewhere.

The Mets will be sending out Chris Young, Mike Pelfrey, and Jonathan Niese. Young will be making his first start of the season. Pelfrey is looking to redeem himself after Opening Day (although really....I gotta thank the guy....we won our last 5 Opening Days and look where that got us). Niese is coming off a strong start against Florida.

Young is looking to solidify his spot in the rotation after having a strong spring, and he has his challenge in a team that Terry Collins likened to the Yankees. But to quote Chris Rock, "Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Steve Jobs to hit the lotto."

I feel the same way about the Phillies. But I like the Mets' chances in this series. They're not the team that just lies down and plays dead anymore. They put up a fight. And there's not gonna be a better fight this season than with our divisional rivals.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $0.30 (this leads the team by the way)

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