Sunday, April 17, 2011

Elite Company

The Mets are on a 7-game losing streak, lowering their record to the disgusting 4-11 mark that it is. However, in Terry Collins' mind, we are 13-2 bitchez!!! Holla!!!! First place is upon us!!!

Only two Mets teams started off with a worse mark than this 2011 team: the 1964 Mets, who in their first season at Shea Stadium went 53-109, only 40 games behind the World Series Champion Cardinals and the 1962 Mets, who went 40-120, only 60 and a half games behind the NL Champion San Fransisco Giants.

The Mets' 7-game losing streak is also the longest such streak since August and September 2004. The 2004 Mets went 71-91 and finished in 4th place in Art Howe's last season at the helm.

It is also the first time the Mets lost back-to-back doubleheaders since 1982. I wish I could say the 1982 Mets did better under George Bamberger, but they went 65-97 and finshed 6th in the NL East.

All week, I've been saying the Mets should win because, "They're due to win." That was my only reason. They're due to win. Being "due to win" just isn't enough anymore and I'm left wondering what happened to all that scrap and all that grit that this team showed in the spring.

I think that if that fly ball David Wright hit against the Rockies had gone about five feet higher and farther, I don't think we'd be in this perdicament. Mainly because we'd have won at least one more game.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $1.60

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