Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Just So Happy He's Back!!!

Sure, the Mets lost two out of three to the Marlins. Sure, I had to endure the Marlins telecast and not Gary, Keith and Ron (I do have to give the Marlins announcers credit where it was due: they did name David Wright the player of the game on Friday). But David Wright is back.

And he's seeing the ball well. He was 6 for 14 this weekend against the Marlins with 1 HR and 6 RBI (he also added to my David Wright Strikeout Counter, the value of which will be added at the end of this post).

Hopefully, he lets the good times roll in Cincy and the pitching actually backs up the adequate offense it has been receiving.

Getting Wright back at this point in the season is an acquistion in itself; the offense was stagnating and Wright provided a spark at exactly the right time. He also started a new thing...either a spotlight or an air high five...I don't know exactly.

David and Jose are also back together and my left side of the infield is finally back to normal. I love watching the way David and Jose feed off each other and help each other become better baseball players.

If there was one thing I could ask David though, I would ask him what he did to Ike Davis's foot!

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $4.60

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