Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why Johan Santana Should be Sidelined

It's August 2, and the news all over the Twitterverse was that Johan Santana has suffered a setback and will be visiting the doctor this Thursday to see if he would be able to pitch at all this year.

He shouldn't. It's moot.

The Mets are still (!!!) in the Wild Card chase, being one game over .500, so you would think that a pitcher like Santana would help the Mets come September. After all, Santana is statistically a second half pitcher.

But Santana should be sidelined for the year. Why?

By the time Santana rehabs and is ready to help the Mets, it remains unknown where the Mets will be in the hunt. For all we know, the Mets could lose the next 15 games, thus eliminating themselves. If we're mathematically out, then there is really no need for a pitcher of Santana's caliber. The Mets were also flirting with a six man rotation should Santana return. Sure, a longer time between starts could help some of the younger pitchers and certainly Santana, but what about Cappy and RAH Dickey? Do they suffer because of the longer time between starts?

Plus there's the giant elephant in the room. The Mets don't score runs for Santana. No really. I think their average runs per start is like 1.7 or something ridiculously low like that. If Santana lets off two runs, he loses...almost everytime.

For as many reasons there is to bring Johan back, there's just as many reasons to sideline him. I would aim for 2012 for the Johan Santana comeback.

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