Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frank Catalanotto Equals Championship

Well, the Mets made it official today: if 35-year-old Gary Matthews Jr. gets hurt while subbing for Carlos Beltran, then they have 35-year-old Frank Catalanotto to fill in the void.

Last season, Catalanotto played both second base and the corner outfield positions for the Brewers, which means he could also fill in for Luis "Gimpy Knees" Castillo. Catalanotto is a career .292 hitter, with his best year coming in 2001, nine years ago. Last season for the Brew Crew, he hit a respectful .278 in 144 plate appearances.

One thing going for Catalanotto is that he is a Long Island boy, born and raised in Smithtown. One thing not going for Catalanotto is age. A stint on the Mets could ultimately lead to retirement, as it's happened with players like Moises Alou and Andres Galarraga, who never even played a regular season game for the Mets before calling it quits.

And maybe I'll learn how to spell Catalanotto by the end of the season. Along with Francoeur.

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