Saturday, January 30, 2010

Umm...What Pitching?

This offseason, our holes were blaringly obvious: a left fielder, a catcher, and at least one starter. We have our left fielder. We have our 36 and 37-year-old catchers waiting in the wings. But what about pitching? Sure, it seems like every team needs pitching these days, but the Mets really need pitching.

Great, we have Johan Santana. Our offense tends not to perform when Santana the Great pitches. Johan is the only pitcher I know that, on a regular basis mind you, pitches eight innings of shutout ball only to earn the "L" at the end of the day.

We have Mike Pelfrey. He can give you the innings you want. But sometimes they're good innings and sometimes they're bad innings. We have John Maine. Anybody wanna take bets on when he gets hurt? We have Oliver Perez. Game over. Put it in the books, Mets lose.

We have no depth at all whatsoever. When we really needed pitching, our GM over-bolstered our bench. As of right now, we are only projected to win 77 games. I think it will be less. Pitching wins ball games, not bench players.

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