Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Ultimate Mission From God

It all started in 2006. My first ever trip to Tradition Field, now called Digital Domain Park. On a fluke, and literally two minutes before the game started, I got David Wright's autograph. It sits proudly next to my David Wright bobblehead. However, the ball I had signed also has the autographs of a few minor leaguers and an ex-general manager. So I swore that next year, I would try again.

Fast forward to March 7, 2007. The Mets were actually a legitimate team. They had come to Fort Myers to play the Red Sox, so I figured I'd try my luck again. I mean, how hard could it be? I got it last year! Plus, Mets fans would be way outnumbered by the Red Sox fans. I was only right about the latter of my two points. For two hours before the game, I tried to no avail. Then, in the 8th inning, we left our seats to go wait by the team bus. David comes out, stops right in front of me, and I get trampled. Trampled. My Sharpie flew out of my hand and ended up under David's feet. David leaves. My brother has his autograph; I didn't even get my Sharpie back as the security guy saw it on the ground and put it in his pocket without even asking if anybody had dropped it. Bastard. And to make it worse, my brother says, "At least you got Howard Johnson's autograph!"

"But it's not the same!!!!!!"

Spring training 2008. Mets have acquired Johan Santana. Johan Santana comes on the bus to Fort Myers. David Wright does not. And we drove to Port St. Lucie on two seperate Sundays, and we had really good seats both times. At the end of the three games, I had Endy Chavez's autograph. I had begged, pleaded, and I even cried for David Wright to come and sign. Not working.

2009 and 2010 were wash years for me. 2009 was the year David was in the World Baseball Classic and the only thing I have to show from 2010 is a $50 refund check from the Minnesota Twins.

This year, I have no excuse. 2011 is my year. I will get David Wright's autograph, as I have made this my goal this spring training. The Mets play the Twins on March 16th and the Red Sox on March 17th, which means an overnight stay in Fort Myers. Assuming that David Wright gets on that bus, I may have to stake out the hotel. I probably won't be the only Mets fan doing so, but I won't get trampled either. Where would the Mets even stay???? Call me crazy, but I'll be upset about March 7, 2007 until I have that newly minted autograph in my hands.

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