Friday, January 28, 2011

Wilpons Considering "Minority Stakeholder" in Mets

In the first Mets news that has made me genuinely gasp in shock, the Wilpon family is considering selling a minority stake in the Mets, something in the range of 20-25%.

All of this goes back to their troubles with Bernie Madoff, and the air of uncertainty regarding a lawsuit with a Madoff trustee.

The Wilpons are said to be looking into a number of potential options, "including the addition of one or more startegic partners."

However, regardless of the outcome, Sterling Equities will remain the primary ownership group of the Mets.

I have just a couple of (out there) suggestions:

1. Do like the Green Bay Packers do and let fans buy into the team. The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned franchise in American sports (big leagues, not minor leagues). A share of the Packers runs at about $200, but who wouldn't put that kind of money down for a say in their favorite team? I hear a lot of fans saying, "They should do this" or "They should do that" but perfectly good ideas have never gone to fruition. Except for the hiring of Sandy Alderson. That was all she wrote.
2. Celebrity Mets fans buying into the team. What if Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin James had a say? They have the money, why not? It makes sense. Seinfeld and James are easily some of the most high-profile Mets fans, and knowing that at least one person in the office has a genuine vested interest in the team would put many fans at ease. Think about it Wilpons; we could have Seinfeld in the broadcast booth more often.

Okay, so my ideas are kind of out there, not likely to happen. Does anybody else in the blogosphere have any better ideas?

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