Friday, January 14, 2011

When One Met Killer Dies, Another One is Born

The Mets announced today that they signed Willie Harris to a minor-league deal, with an invitation to Spring Training.

Most Met fans know Willie Harris as "that guy on the Nationals that makes sweet defensive plays to defeat any hope the Mets have of beating the worst team in the division."

Harris isn't much of an offensive player; in 10 big league seasons, he's hit .239 with 37 home runs and 187 RBI. So why sign him? Because he makes sweet defensive plays in the outfield and defeats any hope the Mets have of beating the worst team in the division.

However, while getting one less Met killer off the field is great, somebody new always emerges. And you usually don't see it coming. Like Willie Harris being a Met killer. Like Jeff Francoeur being a Met killer. Like Oliver Perez being a Met killer. Like the month of September being a Met killer.

The Nationals have, in my opinion, assembled a team of players that can beat the Mets, but no other team. They have Adam LaRoache. They have Jayson Werth. And Strasburg will probably end up being a Met killer. They have former Met Livan Hernandez, who pitched unusally well when he was pitching against the Mets. I think the Nationals may be taking baby steps here. Like win 60 games, beat the Mets, break .500.

Somebody new always emerges to ruin the lives of the Mets and Mets fans alike. Usually somebody within the division. I would jump the gun and guess Roy Halladay but he owns the whole National League.

Welcome to New York, Willie Harris. I hope you saved some sweet defensive plays for us.

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