Thursday, February 4, 2010

14 Days...

...until pitchers and catchers report!

Or, if it's the Mets we're talking about, 14 days until Johan Santana and some other guys show up to Spring Training. I wonder if any position players will report; Daniel Murphy was the only position player to show up at mini-camp. David Wright probably has a bunker at Tradition Field.

We're going into this spring training with a lot of questions. Mine include:

1) Who's gonna be the starting catcher?
2) Are the Mets even making an effort to look for a viable #2 starter behind Johan Santana?
3) Are we really going to put Oliver Perez in the rotation?
4) How long will it take for John Maine's arm to give out?

And most importantly.....
5) How much longer do we have to listen to Jerry Manuel's mumbling press conferences?

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