Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Mets Thoughts

*I can totally understand why the pre-season outlook isn't so great for the Mets, but does ESPN really have to make us a national punchline this early in the game?

*I really want to see Jon Niese make the rotation. The kid was ready. The injury bug sucks.

*I am plotting my plan to get David Wright's autograph this year at Spring Training.
*However, I am starting to think that meeting David Wright would be anti-climatic.

*How are the Mets supposed to win games without pitching? Seriously, we could have skipped one catcher and gotten Pedro back for a million.

*But I'd take John Smoltz at this point or Chein Ming Wang....crap, he signed with the Nationals.

*Is it bad that I find myself longing for the days of Rick Peterson's jacket?

*Jose Reyes batting 8th: best. idea. ever. seriously. omg. why didn't we think of it two years ago?

*I was actually being serious. Have him steal second, pitcher sac bunts and Jose scores on a routine groundout to short.

*At least we'd be scoring with our outs.

*Ya gotta believe seems like such a hypocritical statement when you know the team doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.

*But ya gotta say it =)

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  1. I'm pessimistic about this year, too.