Friday, February 12, 2010

28 Days...

I've been hitting "new post" on this thing all week and finding that I have writer's block.

But today is different.

Today marks 28 days until my first Mets game since July 2008. Okay, it's a Spring Training game, but still, I'm going to see the New York Metropolitans in action...and hopefully not the B-Mets. The last time I saw the Mets play here, the only player of any significance that showed up was Johan Santana, and that's only because he has a house here in Ft. Myers.

I've been really lucky to have mostly good experiences when it comes to spring training. Sure, the Mets usually lose when I go to a spring training game, but I still manage to have fun and score a few autographs. I'm not gonna mention any names on this blog, except one, but lets just say some players were a lot better at signing autographs than others.

However, the story I still find myself telling is one where I failed to get David Wright's autograph, an experience I'm still bitter about, even though it happened more than 3 years ago. The short version of it is that I got trampled outside the team bus after the game. I dropped my Sharpie and almost got knocked down with the barricade. I didn't even get the Sharpie back. And to add insult to injury, my brother was standing next to me and managed to get the autograph.

So, if David Wright happens to read this....I'll see you in four weeks!


  1. quit complianing about the d-wright autograph ur still whining 3 years later that i got it and u didnt

    and i didnt know u started ur own site, im the one out of theloop

  2. I'm still figuring out a lot of things, lol. I wanna put a pic up of the ambulance!