Friday, May 14, 2010

I Just Have One Word...


Why is Oliver Perez still on this roster? Why are we paying him $36 million? He threw 88 pitches before being pulled out in the third inning, but not after allowing seven runs, nine hits, three walks, and four home runs.

Yup. Anybody else would have been in the minors right now. But the problem for the Mets is....we don't have anybody else!!! Nothing! No farm system! No free agent pitching! Why haven't we been getting pitching! This is what it is about our front office that makes me so mad; we get one guy and the problem is solved.

We're stuck with this bum. I wish it wasn't so. I betcha Pedro would come back for a million.

But in all honesty, I wish I was getting paid $36 million to suck at my job.

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