Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh David, Where Art Thou?

My name is Jessica...and I am a Wrightoholic.

"Hi Jessica!"

As much as I adore him, David Wright is in this grotesque funk. As of today, he is hitting a .262, has an OBP of .382 and a SLG of .504. With is 8 home runs so far, he is definitely on track (hopefully) for at least 20 home runs. But his 55 strikeouts worry me. This leads not only the National League but all of Major League Baseball. Yup, you read that right. And before being given the night off last night, he had struck out in 15 straight games. If only there could be a "Beat the Streak" for that on!

It seems to me that David whiffs away at these pitches because.....well, I really can't explain it. Either he feels he has to perform because the hitter we signed in the offseason to hit isn't hitting or he's overanalyzing everything, thus making him look like he should be on a golf course.

I've been a proud Wrightoholic since 2006, but quite frankly, David has put into as deep of a depression as the Mets themselves.

David returns to the lineup tonight, batting fifth. One can only hope that the day off yesterday helped him clear his head.

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