Thursday, May 13, 2010



The Phillies get accused of stealing signs and Charlie Manuel throws the Mets under the bus, saying that a good home record can be an indicator of "things like that," really?

And really, if you're gonna throw a team under the bus, at least pick a team that isn't as inconsistent as the Mets. I mean, really, the Mets are so inconsistent that it surprises me when they win...really!

Don't you think the Mets bullpen is a little too far for the Mets to be stealing signs. Really? And isn't cheating supposed to help Really, Charlie Manuel, COME ON!

And if the Phillies were stealing signs, don't you think they'd have better technology than binoculars? Really!?! In this technological era, do you really think somebody is sitting out there with binoculars waiting for a sign that the pitcher is going to check the runner?

And really, Charlie Manuel, why say anything in the first place? The fact that you said anything at all really puts you under the microscope now. And really, when at least three teams have accusations stemming back from three years ago, do you really think that opening your mouth is the best idea?

Really!?! Really!?!

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  1. Great idea! Very funny, Seth and Amy would be proud of you.