Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who are these Mets and where is my crappy team?

Well, the Mets certainly like to make me look foolish.

Darryl Strawberry comes into the Mets clubhouse, says pretty much what everybody is thinking, the Mets shut out the Phillies twice and the Mets are suddenly in a three way tie for third place.

Oh, and we're over the .500 barrier, which is always a good thing.

And Jerry Maunel gets to keep his job, depsite his overuse of Fernando Nieve.

I hope they keep it up, but at the same time, this is crushing my personal quest to get the word "suckage" into the lexicon of Mets fandom. Even though I'm sure it's there in 3 million other words, and yes, even gestures.

And what has happened to the Phillies? They're not so great without Jimmy Rollins, are they? They got shut the two guys who are just filling in. Burn.

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  1. The Mets winning is sort of bittersweet. Its good that the team is doing well, but it prolongs Jerry's firing, which needs to happen regardless of how well they are playing.