Monday, May 31, 2010

Really!?! Part Deux

Really, Oliver Perez!?! Really!?!

The Mets ask you to take a rehab assignment in Port St. Lucie to work and you refuse, really? I mean really, if I was robbing the front office blindly, I would at least do what they told me to do.

And really, it's not bad enough that we're paying you $36 million to essientially suck at your job, but now you're just sitting in the bullpen, waiting for an oppurtunity to come in and dig an even bigger hole. Really. Like on Saturday. When we were losing 5-0 and you let off three more runs. Like we really needed you to let those runs come in. But you really did let those runs come in...really!

And as a professional, do you really think that you sitting in the bullpen for each game is the best thing for you and for this team? And really, as a professional, wouldn't you really want to do the best thing for yourself and for this team? Really, in my opinion, you're really a waste of a roster spot, Oliver Perez.

I think it's really time you give somebody else a chance.

Really!?! Really!?!

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