Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I was disappointed to wake up this morning and see that Jerry Manuel was still the manager.

Seriously. All of my thoughts about yesterday's 18-6 loss and the Oliver Perez situation can all be summed up in that one little sentence.

And don't get me started on either one. The sad thing about the 18-6 rout was that the Padres didn't really have a big 8 or 9 run inning; they just kept scoring. Doesn't that mean we should be throwing them different pitches? Or using different pitchers...oh wait...Fernando Nieve wasn't available, which explains the whole thing. NOT. We shouldn't be losing 18-6 to the Padres unless Adrian Gonzalez drives in all 18 runs.

And the very latest on the Oliver Perez situation: the ever-informative Peter Gammons is reporting that Scott Boras did approach the Mets a few weeks ago about putting Ollie on the DL and sending him to Florida to work with renowned sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman. Apparantly, Jeff Wilpon felt it wasn't appropriate.

So guys, we can't boo Oliver Perez anymore! It's getting to him! No matter how much he may suck, we might hurt his feelings. That's a shame.

With Jon Niese scheduled to make his return on Saturday, the Mets need to make a roster move anyway.

And Carlos Beltran is running at 80%....but I have to wonder if it's Carlos Beltran's definition of 80% or the Mets definition of 80%....because if it's Beltran's definition, he's only at 65%.

Mike Pelfrey is on the hill tonight: we have a chance!


  1. Loved the line- if it's Beltrans version it's 65%! so true. I loved 'Los but that was so annoying about him!

  2. On the status of Carlos Beltran, 80% or 65% is pretty good (even with the prospect of playing in a game this weekend that i read somewhere) since he hasn't been cleared for baseball activities. I only run at 65% when healthy.

    For Ollie, nobody looks good here. Ollie looks bad by staying buried in the back of the bullpen over going to Buffalo or Port St. Lucie to work things out. He steals the same money from the Mets no matter what they do (bury him, start him, Buffalo, DL and "rehab" like last year). Jeff Wilpon looks like an idiot for not taking an easy out. I even wonder if Boras made that "offer" to the Mets without Ollie's consent/knowledge. And I also read that the Mets are denying that this "offer" had been made. I trust Peter Gammons, but not Scott Boras, Oliver Perez, Omar Minaya (I didn't actually read his name here), and Jeff Wilpon.

    I don't care about Ollie's feelings. I'm paying more money to get into the ballpark because he's basically steeling money from the club. And I had to pay to watch him do it.

    Pelfrey is our All-Star. There needs to be a facebook page asserting that.