Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daniel Murphy Done for the Season

It's official: Daniel Murphy is done for the year. He was diagnosed with a "high-grade" MCL tear...but the part that confounds me is that he doesn't need surgery; he'll just be out 4-6 months.

Murphy was testing the water as a second baseman in the certain event that The Gimpy One ends up on the disabled list.

One has to wonder if Alex Cora didn't pull a Tonya Harding to assure that he gets his 80 games in this year. Nah....he's too nice of a guy.

The Mets don't have any other real option besides from Cora, so Ruben Tejada will most likely get the call-up. Maybe in super double weasel switch, Oliver Perez finds a way to stay in the confines of the Citi Field bullpen.

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