Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mets Offense Shuts Down (Again) For Santana

Oy vey.

The Mets lost to the Yankees today 4-0. I really couldn't tell you what happened because I turned off the game after Mark Teixiera hit that grand slam.

No really. It was the third inning and I said to myself, "Well, I can turn this game off." Is this all being part of a Mets fan? Knowing by the third inning that we've fallen and we won't get up? Especially when Johan Santana pitches.

It's like the team says, "Oh Johan, you screwed up by letting off that grand slam. No win for you!"

The Mets aren't going to lose tomorrow! (They're not going to win either but I've been wanting to say this all month)

They return to Citi Field on Tuesday to take on the Detroit Tigers. And Jerry Seinfeld calls the game on Wednesday...or if you hate Jerry Seinfeld, the game will be on ESPN. Although it might be blacked out in New York. Or there's Howie. Howie calls a good game. Now I'm just rambling because I didn't watch the game past the third inning.

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