Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Should Go On Vacation More Often.

After a refreshing couple of days in Islamorada (that's part of the Keys for those non-Floridians), I must say, I really need to go away more often.

On Tuesday, the Mets dominated, winning by a score of 14-6. Thanks
mainly to Angel Pagan, who was a triple away from the cycle. No need for details, as this is old news. There was apparantly a rain delay, and it really messed with Jon Niese. But I wouldn't know.

And David Wright got on base five times, with three hits and two walks. But it's not insert picture into blog-worthy. But I still love him.

On Wednesday, I got stuck watching the game on ESPN with Dave O'Brien and Rick Sutcliffe in lieu of Jerry Seinfeld on SNY. Which sucks because I wanted to hear what he had to say about Lady Gaga. Although, I do have to say, they have more competence than Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. AND they say Carlos Beltran's name Bel-TRAN and not Bel-TRON, which always makes me think of the movie Tron.

Anyways, R.A. Dickey pitched 8 innings of shutout ball.

I might have to upgrade him to beast status. He is the first Mets pitcher to go 6-0 in his first 6 decisions....ever. And even in the game where he got the no-decision, the Mets won.

Jose Reyes was a double away from completing the cycle and becoming the first Met to do so since some guy named Jose Reyes did it back in 2006.

Angel Pagan was pinch-hit for in the 7th inning, a concerning move because Jerry would have left him in if he was okay. If the Baseball Gods hear my plea: please let Angel Pagan be okay!

I am up to $8.30 on the David Wright strikeout counter; I think O'Brein and Sutcliffe may have jinxed him into that strikeout. And they agree with me.

The Mets take on the Tigers one more time tonight with Hisanori Takahashi taking on Armando Galarraga. Oh, and we better I write this, the Chicago White Sox have completed a sweep of the Atlanta Braves. We win and we're in first!

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