Friday, June 18, 2010

When You're Hot, You're Hot!

In case you haven't realized it yet, I am a Wrightoholic. I repeat: I am a Wrightoholic. David Wright, without a shadow of a doubt, is my favorite current Met. He may even beat out Edgardo Alfonzo as my favorite Met of all time, so long as he doesn't do anything stupid like going to play for a team I hate, like the Phillies. Or the Braves. Or the Yankees.

The Mets are on a seven game winning streak, and the fact that David Wright is absolutely on fire absolutely, positively has a lot to do with it. Moving David back up the third spot in the line-up has definitely helped. I'm making less and less dimes with strikeouts and more and more dimes with RBI. In fact, David is tied for the NL lead in RBI with 53 and is only six off of Miguel Cabrera's MLB-leading 59 RBI.

(Even though I am up to $7.80 on strikeouts, but no more Golden Sombreros for David!)

When David Wright hits, we win. Simple as that. Give David Wright a day off, and 9 out of 10 times, the Mets have lost. Some people might argue at some point in the season that David Wright isn't a clubhouse leader and yada yada yada. WRONG. If David wasn't a clubhouse leader, we would be able to take him out of the lineup and not feel the effect.

David Wright is the leader of the team, and his actions are speaking much louder than his words.

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