Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Is How Frequently I Write About Jason Bay

When I had to do an image search for Jason Bay because I don't have any pictures saved to my computer, I realized I really don't talk about him....at all. And then it took me even longer to find a picture of Jason Bay that wasn't from his press conference. When I Google "Jason Bay Mets," pictures of Jason Bay in a Red Sox uniform come up. Try it, it's a kick.

Sure, the Mets lost to the Marlins 10-3 yesterday, in a game I'd rather not talk about, but Jason Bay was the only bright spot in Puerto Rico. His two home runs provided for the only offense that the Mets got last night. Sure, David Wright had a good night at the dish (by only striking out once) and is the only Met with a .300 batting average, but this might be the start of a little hot streak for Jason Bay.

When the Mets signed Jason Bay, we were all expecting a solid left fielder who would have 30 home runs and 100+ RBI for us every year. Right? Don't deny it. Or at the very least, anything was better than having Daniel Murphy play left. Or Moises Alou, who I'm sure we all remember as the man who got hurt standing in the outfield.

But Jason Bay hasn't met our high expectations yet. He is hitting a .278 (his career average is .280--so he is hitting like normal) but he only has 6 home runs and 34 RBI...nowhere near what we were expecting. I could go the David Wright route and blame Citi Field, but I won't...even though a ball that would have gone over the Green Monster is an out at Citi Field.

I think Jason Bay is finally heating up...in Puerto Rico of all places. I think he needed time to adjust and yada yada yada. Has he had a defining moment as a Met yet? No. But I think switching around the lineup has worked in his favor...and in David Wright's favor.

David Wright strikeout counter: $8.90

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