Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not So K-Rod

While I am happy to say that the Mets finally won a game for Johan Santana and went over my predicted run count of four, I am not happy to say that K-Rod continues to make the ninth inning suck.

Seriously, it's 7-4. We just need a groundout, a fly out, and a pop out. Do you really think that can happen? Once? Pretty please?

But on the bright side, David Wright was 3-for-5 with three more RBI. Unfortunately, my strikeout counter goes to $7.60. But I continue to forgive David, because it's not like he's not hitting, or has as many strikouts as Justin Upton.

Ike Davis hit a 2-run shot! Woo hoo! Can somebody tell me where to get an I LIKE IKE shirt?

Johan pitched seven innings of 4-run ball. It wasn't his best outing, but it was effective enough against a team like Cleveland to get the win. Finally.

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