Friday, August 20, 2010

Jerry Manuel Finally Admits This Team Stinks

As I'm perusing my usual morning blog run, I find an interesting Jerry Manuel quote, courtesy of Joe D. over at MetsMerized. Usually, we can count on Jerry to at least have some optimism about this team; I mean, if I was a manager that didn't have to worry about (starting) pitching, I would be optimistic too.

But instead, Jerry offered this piece of knowledge that is not news to any Mets fan that has actually watched a game since the All Star Break:

“We have to do what we’ve been talking about all of the time, we have to do more offensively. We’ve got to find a way to get that done. I mean, that’s poor. That’s a very poor effort on our part offensively…We have to do better. Period. It’s pathetic. We have to do better.”

Jerry used words that Mets fans use in their lexicon every day such as "poor" and "pathetic." I would like to add "disgusting" and "unwatchable" to the mix. I mean, this blog counts how many times our star player strikes out! By the way, I am glad to say that Mark Reynolds has struck out far more than any other player in the bigs and that David hasn't led the league in this category since like June.

What really sucks is that we signed a "bat" in Jason Bay and he did nothing before getting the Ryan Church treatment after suffering a concussion. Jerry needed a bat. What did Omar Minaya do? Call up Ruben Tejada and Fernando Martinez. Omar Minaya has done nothing to fix the needs of this team for three years. We still need bullpen arms (hopefully ones that don't punch their father-in-laws). We still need that bat in the middle of the line-up because lets face it: David Wright is not a clean-up hitter.

But we really can't put all of the blame on Omar. This team has been terribly managed by Jerry at times. On Sunday, the Mets were facing Kyle Kendrick. Jeff Francoeur has like a career .400 batting average against this guy and what does Jerry do? Bench him. Yeah. And the Mets looked stupid on national TV.

As much as it sucks to be Jerry Manuel right now, I would have to agree with Joe and say that he did bring some of this upon himself.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $12.90

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  1. As always, you're right on the money!
    Phil Groh