Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Mean the Baseball Gods are Listening???

Yes, this is what I am suggesting. Jon Heyman reports that Omar Minaya's job might not be as secure as Fred Wilpon was letting on around three weeks ago. Hey Fred, the sun didn't come out in Florida; does that mean we get our wish? In fact, it's rained here for about three days straight.

Sure, last night's walk-off win was good, but a win yesterday means a loss today. In fact, we haven't won more than three games in a row since the middle of June. And winning two in a row seems to be such a devious task that we can only do it in rain-shortened games against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Unless some sort of miracle happens, ala 1969, I have a feeling that Jerry might not be the only handed a pink slip come October 3. The only coach, in my opinion, that should feel safe is Dan Warthen. He basically took a starting rotation of Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, and three replacements and turned them into the lone bright spot in this Mets season.

Of course, to us Mets fans, the miracle would be the axing of both our GM and our manager. Naturally, this change doesn't automatically mean that things are going to get better. It won't guarantee that the Mets won't go through growing pains in 2011 with a new coaching staff. It will, however, show us that ownership realizes that they aren't getting anywhere with the guys that they have now and that they just don't see us as dollar signs.

Of course, if Omar is terminated as Mets GM, it will come as a surprise to few. He put himself in a position to be incapable of improving this team when we really needed to, like last year when everybody got hurt. He has deemed so many prospects to be "untouchable" that if their name comes up in trade talks, it's immediately dismissed. He signed Oliver Perez to a $36 million dollar deal, which is the same money that Drama Rodriguez is getting. Luis Castillo is still a Met.

I have a sneaky feeling that the Mets are gonna finish with the .500 record they seem so settled on. It's time for change peeps!

Just a friendly reminder: tonight is the Citi Field sitout. Don't go to Citi Field tonight. Watch the game on TV, listen to it on the radio. Don't go to Citi Field. The power of one will turn into the power of many and our voices will be heard--by being completely silent.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $13.30

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  1. May be dreams really do come true!
    Phil Groh