Thursday, August 19, 2010

There are now smiley faces on my pocket schedule where the Mets have days off.

So the Mets lost 3-2. No big surprise there. We won one, so now we have to lose one.

Once again, Pat Misch didn't pitch a bad game. He went six-plus innings while letting off the three runs of death. The Mets just don't score....or hit the ball. The Mets offense got three (3!) hits tonight! Pat Misch had a better night at the plate than six of his teammates! Our two runs came in the fourth inning, courtesy of Jeff Francoeur and Chris Carter.

This win one/lose one pattern has gone on since the end of June. I know this pattern all too well. I'm predicting the outcomes of these games before they even happen. We've tried shaking up the lineup, shaking up the rotation, releasing the guy who did have some sort of leadership role while riding the bench, bringing up young studs like F-Mart and Ruben Tejada, and threatening the team with Oliver Perez. Nothing has seemed to work. Maybe a coaching shake-up or a managerial shake-up. A sacrificial lamb? It might work or it might not work. At least then the Wilpons would be committed to having their team finish with the .500 record they are struggling to maintain.

On the bright side, if the win one/lose one pattern continues (which I'm 99.9% positive it will), the Mets will finally win a road series against an NL-team this weekend....but then again, even the Pirates have to win sometime.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $12.90

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