Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can We Forfeit Yet?

There's four games left in the 2010 Mets season. Four. And three of them are against the Nationals (although this might actually be a point in our favor). For the Mets to crack .500, they can't lose again. But this is the Mets we're talking about, not a team that...gee, I don't know, wins games! (By the way, I'm fully endorsing the Tampa Bay Rays in this year's playoffs)

Nick Evans is shut down. Carlos Beltran is shut down. Although I can't find myself too upset about the latter. I strongly dislike Beltran and fully blame him for the Mets trading away Frenchy. However, since things have been pretty downhill since the team went to Puerto Rico, I can't blame him for entirely breaking up the team's chemistry.

Is it possible for this team to cry "Serenity Now!" and forfeit the rest of the games? I wish they would. Maybe it would give Jerry and Omar extra time to clear their offices out. Come Monday, hopefully we will also have some answers as to the future of this team.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $15.90

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  1. "Serenity now!" I'm joining you cheering for the Rays. I am really a National Leaguer at heart (our pitchers don't wear prom dresses!) but I really like their manager. As I recall, he "messed" up last year once and his pitcher had to bat third and hit a double! And his other pitchers were donning batting gloves, swinging bats in the dug out, and trying to bribe him to make the same mistake with them! I love it! GO RAYS!
    Phil Groh