Wednesday, September 1, 2010

They Should Have Forfeited

When I saw the lineup of Castillo, Thole, Wright, Carter, Beltran, Davis, Duda, Tejada, and Pelfrey, I thought that this team should just forfeit. And that they did. They snuck in a run in the eighth inning, but otherwise only got two hits.

Mike Pelfrey let off four runs in five innings. Billy Wagner got his 31st save of the season...for the Braves. I forgot how much I hated the Atlanta Braves. But I think I hate our team more at this point.

While it's great to see a lineup filled with young players, we're playing for dignity at this point. If you put the Buffalo Bisons (plus David Wright) up against the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Braves win every time. We really don't have a better lead-off hitter than Luis Castillo?

This team sure knows how to piss off its fans; they could give me free tickets and I wouldn't go to the game. They could let me meet David Wright before....wait, I'd go to the game, bad example.

Au revoir, 2010 season.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $13.90

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