Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'll Take Anybody

As we get into September and perhaps the most irrelevant baseball of the entire Mets season, we are asking ourselves questions like:
"Who is going to be the next manager?"
"Will Omar get fired too?"
"Who will stay and who will go?"
"Which needs will and won't be addressed?
"Is Oliver Perez going to be in a Mets uniform?"
"How bad will Luis Castillo's knees be next year?"
"Will Carlos Beltran ever be at 100%?"

Obviously, I know the answer to none of these questions. If I did, then I'd say the Mets will win the World Series in 2013 and David Wright finally gets the NL MVP award he should have gotten three years ago (By the way, this year, I'm endorsing Joey Votto for the MVP award. Don't judge.) and Johan Santana wins a Cy Young Award. But really, I wish I could be that optimistic. But the Mets make it hard.

Two names have come up for opinion in the Mets managerial race for 2011. They would be Wally Backman and Bobby Valentine. Currently, Backman is within the Mets organization, leading the Brooklyn Cyclones to the playoffs. Jeff Wilpon met with Backman earlier this week to discuss "stadium renovations" to KeySpan Park. Something we all surely believe. Backman has also recently said that there are some things he could probably do better than Jerry Manuel.

The other name tossed into the ring is Bobby Valentine. Valentine got the heave-ho back in 2002 along with Steve Phillips after a dismal effort. However, Valentine has the ability to take nothing and make into something. I mean, who knew who Benny Agbayani was before Bobby Valentine hit the scene? And he did something right in Japan if all those Japanese baseball fans protested to keep him around, right? But really, I miss a good ejection followed a sneak attack into the Mets dugout whilest wearing a Groucho Marx mustache.

Peter Gammons is reporting that Bobby Valentine is the frontrunner to come back. But really, at this point, I think I'd take anybody. Really, I'd take anybody. I would like for it to be Wally Backman or Bobby V, but instead of endorsing one or the other, because I'd be happy with either one, I'm gonna say that the next Mets manager should not be Jerry Manuel.

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $14.00

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