Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You Sure That Wasn't Ollie Up There?

Johan Santana let off 6 runs and 8 hits in the first inning. The first inning! Those are both career highs in the first inning for Santana. Why am I still watching this garbage? And is it a co-inky-dink that tonight's broadcast of Wednesday Night Baseball is sponsered by Captain Morgan?

Did Johan Santana take lessons from the Oliver Perez School of Performing Arts? Or did he finally say, "Fuck you, Jobu" and decide to throw the game? Or was it a combination of both? Personally, I would love for Santana to say, "Fuck you, Jobu."

But I would also love for Lou Brown to manage the Mets. And he's dead. Maybe this one last humiliation on a national level will put the final nail in Jerry's coffin.

And we're now only losing 6-2. If only Mike Hessman could bat in every spot in the lineup.

Team Record A.C.: 3-9

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $11.20

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