Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm On My Last Limb (Along With Just About Everybody Else)

The Mets got swept by Arizona. Arizona swept the Mets. Aaron F. Heilman shut down his former team. Oliver Perez was more reliable than Fernando Nieve, which makes me question the temperature in hell right now.

Rumors are circulating in the New York media that Jeff Francoeur is about to be traded. Rumors are also circulating in the New York media that Jerry Manuel will get fired after the road trip. Hopefully, the latter happens instead of the former because knowing the Mets, Frenchy gets traded away and somebody gets hurt. That's basic Murphy's Law, people!

The Mets need a change in personnel. As I said yesterday, I think the problem here cannot be solved with a solitary closed-door team meeting. The Mets, while I appreciate that they are trying to have fun, are not taking their defeats seriously. And I wish I could blame the pitching...but the pitching is pitching well enough to win! It's the offense. When David Wright strikes out three times and Jason Bay gets a Golden Sombrero against the third-worst team in the majors, you're not performing to your potential.

If a young D-Backs fan asks their mother or father why their team is in last place, even after sweeping one of the "better" teams in the National League, their parent is likely to reply, "The Mets suck."

My dad (happy belated birthday daddy!) is trying to tell me to stay positive about this team, and not write that they suck on this blog. My reply: sometimes it just needs to be said.

They suck!!!!!!

Team Record Since Return of Carlos Beltran: 1-6 (does the game where he didn't play count? If so, then this is accurate. If not, we're 0-6)

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $10.40

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