Sunday, July 4, 2010

If Loving David Is Wrong, Then I Don't Want To Be Wright

David Wright made the All Star team!
David Wright made the All Star team!
David Wright made the All Star team!

David is the starting third baseman in this year's All Star game! With 2,285,959 votes, David surpassed Placido Polanco in the last week of voting. The only thing I find disappointing is now David can't give Polanco his Dark Helmet batting helmet.

The only other Met to make the roster was Jose Reyes. And he's a reserve. And he only made it because the players' first choice, Troy Tulowitzki, is on the DL. The player who got the shaft this year was Big Pelf, but that's mainly because Charlie Manuel wants the American League to win and he sucks.

For the record, none of the Phillies position players will be starting. Chase Utley was elected, but he is on the DL and Martin Prado of the Braves will get the start. That's Karma!

Jessica's ASG Prediction: Wright plays 5 innings, Charlie Manuel takes him out because he's a Met. Jessica turns off TV. Jose Reyes only gets to pinch-hit for a pitcher. American League wins.

David Wright Strikeout Counter (this counter gets no break, even though he is an All Star): $9.30

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