Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Have Mistaken The Mets For The Moops

Meet the Moops, meet the Moops, step right up and greet the Moops! This team is a mess. Tim Hudson and the Atlanta Braves successfully shut down the Moops, defeating them by a score of 4-zip.

Even worse for the Moops, the Phillies are now just a half game out of second place...and they only have half their team! And by the way, for anybody who cares, the Moops also lost their lead in the Wild Card race, standing a game and a half behind the Wild Card-leading Colorado Rockies.

The Mets are just a giant "oops!" Just a week ago, visions of first place were dancing in our brains. As I said to my dad tonight, "the calendar jumped from insignificant to significant and this team has started to suck."

Mike Pelfrey lasted merely four innings, allowing the 4 runs on 12 hits while walking three and striking out two. Dead arm yet?

Kudos to Elmer Dessens, Hisanori Takahashi, and Fernando Nieve for shutting down the Braves offense for the last five innings of the game. Each of them only allowed a hit. They combined for two free passes and four strikeouts.

I really can't write anything about the offense. We got four hits. Four. Hits. And three of them were Angel Pagan's! Carlos Beltran who? What's a Beltran? Jon Miller will still find a way to say Bel-TRON, so why do I care?

Is it a bad thing when the Mets lose and you know Johan Santana's pitching the next day and you say to yourself, "Crap, Santana's pitching!" Well, that is exactly what I said. My Moops will continue to be Moops!

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $9.70 (no chance I get to $10 before the All Star Break! Yayyy!)

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  1. Hopefully the Moops will break out of their bubble (boy) and end the first half on a positive note. Both the Rockies and Dodgers have passed them in the Wild Card standings and the Phillies are about to pass them in the division. Their upcoming road trip has now become HUGE because they're facing another team that could potentially pass them in the Wild Card standings (the Giants) and the team that already passed them (the Dodgers). If only Art Vandelay could pitch...