Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Am I Wasting the Energy?

So, the Mets lost 13-2 following a horrible outing by Mike Pelfrey. He only recorded 4 outs before being taken out of the game. I'll spare all of us the details.

What concerns me about this loss is not that Arizona is the third worst team in the majors but...we're losing to a team that has Aaron Heilman as their closer!!!!!!!!

After the horrendous performance that this team has put out there this month, I would not be surprised if people started calling for Jerry Manuel's head. And Omar Minaya's head too. It's so blaringly obvious that we need pitching, yet the front office is sitting on their hands.

The only thing Amazin' about this team right now is that they're somehow in second place.

We have half a chance tonight as R.A. Dickey takes the hill. Hopefully Heilman blows it.

Team Record Since Carlos Beltran Return: 1-4

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $10.00

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