Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Baseball Game Is Simply A Nervous Breakdown Divided Into Nine Innings

That quote was said by Earl Weaver.

This one, however, was said by Alex Cora: "A little respect please. They stuck it up our a**!"

And so begins the breakdown of not only fans of the New York Metropolitans, but also the New York Metropolitans themselves. By all accounts, Alex Cora is a "nice guy" and a "popular guy in the clubhouse." When a player who is respected by the players says something of this statue, surely somebody has to hear him...right? Right?

I mean, if Carlos Beltran had said, "F*** this team," we'd all be up in arms about it because what does Beltran know? He's been here a week, and he didn't play in the one game we've won since then.

But, I think Alex Cora getting pissed off could lead to something. Whether it be a change or just the fact that a fire has finally been lit under this team. I think this team takes things too nonchalantly sometimes, and it definitely shows when they take the field.

As much as I love this team, they have been absolutely unwatchable all month. Kudos to you if you stayed awake for that whole 13-2 game. I would have turned it off after the first inning. With this team, it has become far too easy to tell when the game is over.

I'm hoping for a change, and no, not that Oliver Perez is back. That is not the change I want. I want a change in team attitude, team morale, and for them to play like they want to win. And then they can release Oliver Perez.

Team Record Since Return of Carlos Beltran: 1-5

David Wright Strikeout Counter: $10.10

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